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Dreaming of investing in real estate? With help from our team, you can expand your portfolio

Investing in real estate can be a daunting process — however, you never have to be alone. As agents with specialized experience in this area, we can help you navigate the process and analyze the various external factors that affect property investment. 

Our team has the experience needed to make your property investments seamless and efficient. With over 25 years of real estate experience and 17 years as part of the nation’s #1 RE/MAX office, we understand real estate investment and have years of industry knowledge necessary to invest in and turn over properties effectively.

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Benefits of Investing:

Investing in real estate can yield many benefits, including passive income, tax advantages, consistent cash flow, and asset diversification. However, there are many obstacles in place that can make these investments challenging.

When you invest with our team, you’ll receive many benefits that simplify this process to make the experience as straightforward as possible. Benefits of investing with our team include: 

  • Extensive knowledge about current and potential market trends
  • A thorough understanding of the property and its surrounding areas
  • Years of experience in analyzing homes and their value
  • Access to the team’s vast professional network
  • Strong and proven negotiation skills

With our knowledge and experience, investing in a property can become a streamlined, stress-free process. Our team can also help you craft the right budget for you and your goals and navigate unique financing options.

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1031 Exchanges:

When investing in real estate, there are many financing options to choose from. We have years of experience helping investors find the smartest way to finance an investment property. One of the ways our team can assist is through a 1031 Exchange. 

A 1031 Exchange is a swap of one investment property for another that allows capital gains taxes to be deferred. The name is derived from IRS code Section 1031, which lists the rules and limits associated with this type of exchange.

When a 1031 Exchange occurs, you'll either have no tax or limited tax due at the time of the exchange. Most real estate swaps are taxable as sales, so this exchange is uniquely available only to those who meet the specified requirements. The 1031 rule is popular among investors for use with investment and business properties, and the rule can also be applicable for primary residences and vacation homes.

Savvy investors can utilize these rules in various ways to allow capital gains taxes on these properties to be deferred. To fully reap the benefits of a 1031 exchange in real estate, however, it is best to entrust a team of seasoned agents that are familiar with and can walk you through the process.

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Buying Property with an IRA:

Another route to investing is through purchasing a home with a Roth IRA account. Under certain conditions, real estate can be held through an IRA. This process is much more complex than dealing with financial assets, so investors must be prepared to become thoroughly familiar with all of the steps and rules of this process. To many, the benefits (appreciation of real estate assets, diversified portfolio, tax-free rental income) fully outweigh the risks of this tedious process. 

When buying a property with an IRA, most investors can expect a high rate of return. However, some essential things to note when contemplating this route include the fact that neither you nor your family can utilize the property and that this process often requires investors to buy a property fully in cash. 

If an investor chooses to pursue this route despite its risks and intricacies, it may be helpful to consult with a team of agents who are familiar with the process. We have years of experience navigating the tax implications of buying a property with an IRA and are passionate about sharing our expertise with curious and motivated investors.

For more information about investing in real estate and navigating financing options, call or text (720) 938-4197 or email today. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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