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Boulder Ranked #1 Housing Market for Growth and Stability in the USA!

Boulder, Colorado is a great place to own a home! This SmartAsset study ranks Boulder as having the strongest housing market for growth and stability in the United States–and Boulder has been in the #1 spot for the last five years! This is what SmartAsset had to say about our community.

Leading this study for the fifth year in a row is Boulder, Colorado. Besides being a great place for career opportunities, Boulder has shown consistently strong performance in the housing market. It has seen a 268% increase in housing value from the first quarter of 1994 up to and including the fourth quarter of 2018, the fourth-highest percentage of any metro area in our top 10, and fifth-highest in our study overall. It also has a 0% chance of a home losing at least 5% of its value in the 10 years after purchase. For those looking to invest in real estate, Boulder is a safe bet and is in one of the best states in the country for homeowners.

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The Front Range Dominates the list of Housing Markets for Growth and Stability!

Once again the Front Range dominates the list of Housing Markets for Growth and Stability in the entire USA! Boulder #1. Fort Collins #4. Denver #8. Interested in buying or selling? Let me help you find the right fit for you in this amazing housing market of ours! -Janet