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Lafayette, Colorado covers 8.2 square miles and is located just 11 miles east of Boulder. The city has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with its population reaching above 25,000 residents. Despite the recent growth, Lafayette has managed to maintain its well-known character and charm. Lafayette has the simplicity of a small town as well as urban life convenience making it desirable by many. There are recent additions made to Lafayette such as shopping centers, industrial parks, a local recreation center, business developments, and the new Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center. There is also a thriving arts community found in Lafayette.


History of Lafayette

Lafayette was once a small coal mining town that prospered up during the late 1800s, when Mary Elizabeth Miller and her husband Lafayette, bought a 240-acre farm and built two mine shafts producing 1,000 tons of coal a day, being the first to mine the land. Lafayette was the largest coal-mining center in Boulder County in 1890, the year the town was formed.


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