Take These Steps to Prepare Your Family and Home in Case of Wildfire

It’s Especially Important to be Prepared for a Possible Wildfire During Hot, Dry Conditions

Hot temperatures and dry conditions =  high fire danger. It is important to have a plan to protect yourself and your loved ones before disaster strikes. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your family, home and property in the event of a wildfire.

Thank you to the City of Boulder for this list of what to do to be prepared:

Get Ready.

  • Prepare you home and property to survive a wildfire. Visit keep your home safe to learn more.
  • Sign up for emergency notifications at boco911alert.com to receive messages about imminent threats and hazards by text message, email, and/or on your cell, home or work phone. If you haven’t registered, you will not receive vital emergency notifications!
  • Create a family disaster plan. Be sure to include your pets in your plan.
  • Check with your insurance agent to be sure your home is properly insured for damage sustained by a wildfire.
  • Designate evacuations routes that lead to a safe meeting spot.
  • Create a “go bag.” Please see the Wildland Fire Preparedness Guide for a suggested list of items to include in your go-bag. It is recommended to scan and save important documents and photos on a removable hard drive.

Get Set.

  • Do not wait to be told to evacuate. Be proactive by initiating your family disaster plan early
  • Monitor boulderoem.org  for updates
  • Here is a list of “If time allows” preparedness measures:
  1. Close windows and doors
  2. Move combustible items (patio furniture, grill, firewood) to center of lawn
  3. Leave exterior lights on
  4. Leave sprinklers, garden hoses, and ladders in plain view
  5. Alert family and neighbors
  6. Leave a note on your front door with contact information


  • When to leave: Do not wait to be advised to leave. If advised to leave, follow your action plan and do so quickly.
  • Where to go: To the location pre-determined in your family disaster Plan or Ready, Set, Go Action Plan
  • What to take: Bring your “go bag”
  • Stay aware of the situation and follow your plan. Boulderoem.org  is a good source for emergency information.

The full article can be found at https://bouldercolorado.gov/newsroom/steps-to-prepare-your-family-and-home-in-the-event-of-a-wildfire

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